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HEALTH AWARENESS (from our website)
solution number two

Do you know that one quarter of the bones in your body are from your ankle? The same applies to one quarter of your muscles. Do you know your human machine(feet) was not designed to wear shoes? what dose all this mean?
It means that your feet are designed to be very Dexterous. they have the potential to be just as dexterous as your hands. we rarely challenge ourselves to utilize this potential, instead, we keep them bounded up in our shoes! and put the ankle in charge of all the refined Hinging and Balancing movements that the foot is designed to do. Imagine how ineffectual you would become by wearing your shoes on your hands when doing your daily chores! We habitually handicap our feet in exactly this same way everyday..
Do you know taking off your shoes and walking barefooted will reactivate the muscles of your feet, you also reactive large segments of your Brain. through your muscles, your brain and nervous system need to be used frequently. if not, the unused cells will die gradually.

To stop the common problem(foot pain while standing on tiles), you need to insert barefoot time into your schedule. consider making your home a she-free zone or at least doing some Yoga Poses that presses the soles of your feet to the ground......

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