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Once upon a time in #Jupiter, there live a man named #Mr_Bean. On a very sunny day Mr Bean was in his car driving his way home from his work place, he stopped at a fuel station to buy some gas, his first step to the floor landed on some leftover fuel which dripping from the fuel pump; OH NO!! he exclaimed!!! though he never minded that because it is only his shoes that are stained not his toes.
By the next twenty minutes Mr Bean is already in his car driving on a main road beside the new #Subway, he decided to buy a doll for his baby girl, without wasting time he has the doll with him and ready to go home but he never knew he stepped on a #Pen in the store where he bought the doll; this means his shoes a carrying two different types of #TOXIC_CHEMICALS (the dripped fuel from the fuel station and the toxic ink from the pen in the store).
By evening Mr Bean is already home, he opens his door and to his surprise his baby girl is already waiting for him in the sitting room, he rushed straight to her to give the doll he bought, But he never pulled off his stained shoes, he his now standing on his beautifully installed #Carpet and his carpet is busy storing the #TOXIC_CHEMICAL from his Shoes.

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